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Technology to Leverage your Employees

According to a recent article in Inc, one study found that the number of people who say they cannot concentrate at their desk has increased by 16 percent since 2008. Also startling: The number of workers who say they do not have access to quiet places to do focused work is up by 13 percent.

Technology is giving us the freedom to get the work done from any location, so the key is to ensure employees are focused and energised to get the job done to the best of their ability. Remote working works for us and in 2018, we saw some impressive growth. Both through our customer base and through our profitability. A winner formula for most organisations. 

We found these reasons to be really useful to demostrate to the power of remote working and how it is so aligned with productivity levels:-

1. Productivity

With less office distractions and more time to focus, remote workers have the freedom to get more done. According to a nationwide survey, 65 percent of workers said that remote work would give their productivity a boost. Another 86 percent said that working alone allows them to hit maximum productivity.

2. Teamwork 

Being miles apart shouldn't mean that your employees are not engaged with each other as team colleagues. Use a smart platform, such as ILG One, which is developed by our sister company, ILG Business to collaborate like never before. You'll soon find that your team feels more connected than ever before. Download on the Apple App Store by searching ILG One. 

3. Being Present 

Sometimes coming into the office to 'show your face' if you have been unwell is not the right decision. Spreading germs around open plan offices is a huge problem for businesses. Office for National Statistics figures have revealed that employees took an average of 4.1 days off sick in 2017 which isn't as high as previous years. However, in our view, the figure is only lower because more people feel the pressure to come into work, even when they are unwell.

This leads me on to discuss the mental health of our employees which is all too common topic in the workplace. Not maintaining or having a HR strategy in place to manage the wellbeing of your employees can, in turn lead to sickness absence. 70 million work days are lost each year due to mental health problems in the UK, costing employers approximately £2.4 billion per year.

Under the ILG One app, there is an abilty to manage and monitor the wellbeing of your employees and we would love to talk to you about what we have developed. This has been hugely benefical in our own business with sickness levels down by some 80% YoY.

In summary, remote working can still ensure team members are present and connected in so many ways. We have some employees who love being in the office and others who thrive the most when they are working remotely. So in 2019, lets change how we work and leverage technology to it's full advantage. Cut through the noise and focus on what really matters: meaningful work, happy employees and satisfied customers.

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Posted on 19 December 2018