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O2 Revenue Rise from Q2 to Q3

O2 has long been known as the UK’s largest mobile operator. Recently, its impressive standing has only become stronger. The company has reported that in Q3 of this year over two thirds of its 32.2 million customers were contract customers, while revenues have undergone an increase of 7.9% year-on-year, from £1.436 billion to £1.535 billion.

It was also in Q3 that another 120,000 customers joined the operator, while there has been a 2% increase year-on-year of customers who are on contracts.

Indeed, the list of triumphs for O2 in the last quarter seems never to end. Churn excluding M2M was at 1%; Active Prepay customers grew by 37,000 during the period. Operating Income Before Depreciation and Amortisation reached £414 million which shows an increase of £40.5 million year-on-year. Annual licence fee payments and a commercial settlement partially supported this increase.

O2 stresses the importance of investment; in the period CapEx was £192 million as the operator prepares for 5G and continues supporting 4G coverage. In fact, O2 states that it invests £2 million per day to improve services. It is hoped that this investment will enable O2’s continuous growth and success as technology develops in the future.

CEO of O2 UK, Mark Evans, says: “Our ongoing commitment to invest in our network includes enhancing 4G connectivity and preparing the ground for 5G. As champions of Mobile we continue to build for the future, where Mobile is one of the most powerful opportunities to strengthen the UK economy and enrich our society.”

To explore how the development of 5G for mobile could indeed strengthen and improve both business and society, read our blog on 5G here. Active Digital was honoured to attend O2’s Blue Door Conference recently, too – have a read about it here.


Posted on 06 November 2018