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Is your iPhone battery in good health?

Over the last six to twelve months, many iPhone users have been mentioned different reasons why sometimes they felt their phone battery was under performing. As battery life plays a huge role the device's usability, Apple have been working to resolve these issues.

At the end of 2017, after criticism from the tech community, Apple admitted that its software updates were reducing the performance of devices with older batteries.

Apple is hoping to counter this by providing users with new insight into the health of a battery with its newly released iOS 11.3.  If you have an iPhone 6 model or newer and decide to upgrade, you will be able to check "Battery Health" by going to Settings > Battery. There you will find a diagnosis of how well your battery is functioning relative to its optimal capacity of 100%.

But chances are if your device has seen heavy use, its battery capacity will be lower – how much lower will depend on how heavily you have used the smartphone. While some users' battery may be in bad shape after just 18 months, others who have used their devices more sparingly could still enjoy close to full battery capacity after three years.

According to Apple, after 500 complete charging cycles – meaning the battery is charged fully from empty – the battery's capacity will have dropped to around 80% of its original capacity. With the iPhone battery health check-up, you can see if your iPhone battery needs servicing or even replacing.

With iOS 11.3. when your iPhone's battery is operating normal, it will display the message: "Your battery is currently supporting normal peak performance. When performance management features are enabled on your iPhone, it will display: "This iPhone has experienced an unexpected shutdown because the battery was unable to deliver the necessary peak power. Performance management has been applied to help prevent this from happening again.

Have you tried the iOS 11.3. update? If so, let know what you think and how useful is it for you to have more information on the inner workings of the iPhone's battery?

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Posted on 09 April 2018