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iOS12 is coming

Apple’s most advanced operating system, the iOS12, is coming soon! Even if you’ve decided not to go for the new iPhone XS, iOS12 has a whole host of benefits for your older model. It has been reported that the new operating system can increase the speed of older phones by 40%-70%. You’ll also be getting a 50% faster keyboard display, and 2x faster app launch under a heavy workload. Here’s a roundup of how iOS12 will be benefitting you!

Be better connected and more social than ever. FaceTime with up to 32 people at a time, without worrying about losing track of the conversation: the tile of the person speaking will always enlarge. For this to work, of course every person in the chat will need to have iOS12 too.

Immerse yourself in the incredible with iOS12’s improved augmented reality feature. Augmented Reality objects can now be sent with Messages and Mail, then viewed in the real world.

Streamline the things you do often with shortcuts. Siri can now intelligently learn your daily routines in order to suggest convenient shortcuts just when you might need them. If you usually pick up a coffee before work, Siri will suggest the best time to place your order.

Optimise your productivity with a useful new feature called Screen Time. This enables you to monitor how much time you are spending on apps, websites, and on your device overall. You can even allocate yourself a time limit if needed.

Take more control over your notifications with notification management features. Tailor which notifications you will be alerted to and which will be sent to your Notification Centre. Allow Siri to make intelligent suggestions about your alerts based on your previous interactions. What’s more, your notifications will intelligently group themselves based on sender and subject. This means a far less cluttered homescreen when you go to check your phone.

Put a time or location limit on Do Not Disturb. Your notifications will turn back on as soon as you leave a certain location or event.

Photo sharing has just been made a whole lot easier. iOS12 will intelligently suggest sharing your photos with the people in them. The photo search feature has also been developed, with suggestions for recent events, people and places right at your fingertips.

You must be as excited as we are! Keep an eye our for more updates and news on iOS12 right here on the website and across our social media. 


Posted on 03 October 2018