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How Cook has kept Apple at the top

Apple really has been having a fantastic time of late. After bagging the title of the world’s most valuable company, they went on to reach the $1 trillion market cap milestone at the end of July. This is, it has been suggested, all down to the continuous reinvention of the iPhone, teamed with the wonderful job of the current CEO Tim Cook.

Cook was Apple’s Chief Operating Officer before becoming CEO six weeks before the death of Jobs. There were those that were sceptical, but Cook’s efforts as Apple’s CEO have in fact proven to be very fruitful. The company was not knocked off of its perch, and on the contrary continued on its upward trajectory, pipping much of its competition to the post.

Apple’s perennial upstaging of its own products has a lot to do with this success. This trend in upstaging and developing its own products began with Jobs, but very much continued with Cook. Before any competitor can bring out a version of a phone or device which is faster, better and boasts more features, Apple itself does it, continuously knocking its own previous devices off of their pedestals. Take the iPhone X, released in 2017, which did away with the home button and introduced Face ID. This reinvented phone became the best-selling of all the iPhones since it became available, pushing the overall average selling price for the iPhone to $724 in the company’s most recent financial quarter.

However, the product still remains recognisable, carrying Jobs’ legacy. Cook continues to strike just the right balance between integrity and reinvention. And reinvent he does. The iPhone influenced a whole host of devices which have been brought out in Cook’s time as CEO, like the Apple watch and AirPods.

Indeed, AirPods have been such a success that it is amongst rumours that new models will be unveiled at the September product event. As well as this, with the recent signing of Oprah Winfrey, Apple lovers should be keeping an eye on what Apple does not only with Apple TV hardware, but with a rumoured new streaming subscription service that could compete with services like Netflix and Amazon.

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Posted on 14 August 2018