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Digital profiling will improve customer experience

The use of digital media and the internet has risen dramatically over the past 10 years.

Did you know people spend an average of 20 hours and 30 minutes online each week, consuming various types of media on various platforms and various devices?

Active Digital has created a digital platform where our customers will be able to contact and engage with us in real time and we are excited to be launching this in Q1 2016.

Why digital profiling will improve customer experience

The context for this idea is to do with the speed of change.  Our customer journeys can now be calibrated to meet expectations and this is the purpose of tracking their digital profile.

So here is the question. Why is this important? It would be unwise to underestimate the power of digital. By giving our customers more access to our team online through mobile or various devices, we can gather more information within the profile and customer experience - reducing guesswork and increasing accurate insight.

If you look at the statistics that people spend an average of 20 hours online each week via various devices, this isn’t a snapshot of London’s tech hub, super cool demographic of Shoreditch - its mainstream UK.

  • People in the UK spent an average of 20 hours and 30 minutes online each week in 2014, over double the amount in 2005
  • The amount of time people are online while ‘out and about’ has increased five-fold over the past ten years.  From 30 minutes in 2005 to nearly two and a half hours in 2014
  • Over a quarter (27%) of internet users regularly watches TV or films online, compared to one in ten in 2007. This rises to 39% for 16-24 year olds
  • Watching video clips online has almost doubled over the past eight years, from 21% to 39% of internet users
  • Regular instant messaging on a mobile phone has leapt from 29% of mobile phone users in 2013 to 42% in 2014, driven by services including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and BBM
  • Nearly all mobile phone users are sending text messages (90% in 2014, compared to 70% in 2005). People are also increasingly using their mobile phone to email (52% regularly using their phone to email, compared to 5% in 2005) or make a phone call over the internet (VoIP) – 43% in 2014, compared to 27% in 2013
  • The use of social media has tripled since 2007
  • The majority of internet users (68%) are happy to provide personal information online in the belief they will benefit in some way. But more people say they would never provide their credit or debit card details (21% in 2014, compared to 13% in 2013) or their mobile number (26% in 2014, 17% in 2013)

If you want to find out more about how our Business Applications can help you improve your digital journey, call us on 01892 835522 or email us via our contact page.


Posted on 30 November 2015
By Jo Wimble-Groves