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Calling 118 costs more than you think

According to a recent article in the Metro newspaper, Ofcom is imposing a reduction on how much can be charged when calling directory enquiries. This is good news for customers who are struggling to keep calls to 118 numbers under control.

It has been reported that directory enquiries operators are charging up to £20 for 90 seconds of phone time. If we take a look at The Number, for example, the firm behind the market-leading 118 118, the charges are £4.49 per call and then £4.49 per minute, which can rack up huge costs very quickly. These charges are the same from both mobiles and landlines.

These charges are unacceptable while there are much cheaper options available; The Post Office charges just £1 for calls to its 118 855 number, while The Number provides a free service on 0800 118 3733, if callers are willing to listen to an advert.

This has been going on unchallenged for a long time, but finally phone regulators are starting to crack down. The potential for these extreme charges to take advantage of the elderly and vulnerable, who may not be able to look up free numbers online, is huge. Ofcom have said that it is a huge concern that callers may be paying more than they expect.

Active Digital gives regular advice to customers on how to reduce costs to directory enquires and so this news in the press today is warmly welcomed.

For help and advice on managing costs for calling directory enquiries, please contact Active Digital on 01892 835522 or at

Posted on 29 November 2018