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Apple's new iPad Pro

It was announced on the 30th October that Apple would be releasing two new iPads available to order on the 7th November from Apple. This short turnaround from announcement to release barely leaves Apple fans time to get excited. With the release date impending, here is all you need to know about the new products.

The 11 inch 2018 version of the iPad Pro starts at £769/$799. The 12.9in model starts at £969/$999. Those both come with 64GB of storage, but Apple’s top option is a whole terabyte. As many may point out, this is a significant price rise from last year’s offerings. Is the hefty increase worth it?

The design of the iPads has been shaken up – like the iPhone X, the new iPad Pros have smaller bezels and no home button; they are now almost all screen, which adds hugely to their aesthetic value, plus increasing their practicality too.

The new screen displays have been dubbed 'Liquid Retina' by Apple, as on the iPhone XR, but the pixel density is the same as on the iPad Pro 10.5in from 2017. So, while the new iPad’s screen does offer the same pixel masking and antialiasing as on the iPhone XR, and a new backlight design, the screen hasn’t necessarily experienced a complete rejuvenation.

Reports have described the new iPads as even more “sleek” than previous models, too. The rounded and curved edges alongside the slimmer build (5.9mm rather than the previous 6.1 mm) mean a noticeably different and more delicate feel. What’s more, the disappearance of the Lightning port will bring a smile to many an iPad user – having a USB-c connector instead means greater versatility when using the iPad with other devices.

The iPads have a magnetic connector for the new Apple pencil, and come in the colours space grey and silver.

Reports as of yet have been glowing; it would seem that tech fanatics and businessmen alike are warming to the idea of a new iPad with improved practicality, aesthetics and adaptability. They are available on 7th November 2018 and can be ordered directly from Apple.


Posted on 06 November 2018