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Apple leaks - the new iPhone XS

There have been an astounding number of leaks on upcoming Apple products recently, which have produced more evidence for some of the rumours we were discussing a few weeks ago on the blog. Searching the web for these may prove fruitful, but here is a summary of everything you need to know!

Reports are showing much evidence for the reveal of the three new iPhones. Apple had a difficult time naming their premium new phone, but reports have now confirmed that they have decided on the iPhone XS. This will mean the new line up consists of the iPhone 9, the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS (plus). The iPhone 9 is the more affordable of the three, with an LCD screen rather than an OLED.

The iPhone XS (plus) will be the biggest ever at 10+ inches. However, aside from this, the three new phones will look very visually similar to the original iPhone X. This is an S release, so we will be seeing fewer physical changes and more internal system changes than other releases. Indeed, the phone’s processing power will be the biggest change, and Apple will really be focusing on that at this year’s event. We may not see the rumoured triple lens cameras and other big physical changes until next year, then, but this certainly doesn’t take away from the excitement of the release.

Software wise, the new phones will have A12 chips. The clock speeds might be higher, but a 6 core processor will remain. Reports say that the XS will increase 35-40% in multicore performance, and its multicore score will be almost 13,000, a goal which Apple have been trying to hit for years. There will be a 40% increase in its Graphics Processing Unit power, but this may not directly translate to gaming apps. These heavier apps may have more of a 15-20% increase in terms of graphics.

Battery life for the new iPhones may not necessarily be better, but it will have a smarter screen off time feature which will make a huge difference. This is just one of the features which is gearing these new release phones up to be the most energy efficient yet!

Additionally, it has been confirmed that dual SIM support will be available on both the 6.1 inch (the iPhone 9) and the 6.5 inch (iPhone XS plus) new phones in China and selected regions. A dual SIM phone can support two SIMS, and therefore two numbers and two identities. They make communicating with either number possible. They enable you to have work phone and a personal phone on just one device, for example. While dual sims have been around for years, they have never before had sufficient resources behind them for widespread commercial use.

Another leak is a case for the new iPads coming out in September. On the case is an opening space which has not previously been seen, and it is suspected that this will be for an extra port so that the iPad can support even more features.

The prospect of Apple watch series 4 is also wetting the appetites of many a fanatic. Reports have suggested a 15% larger screen, bigger battery, maybe an official sleep tracking app, and EKG tech.

Apple is due to show off their range of new devices at their annual product event on 12th September at the Steve Jobs Theatre in Cupertino. The iPhone XS and XS (plus) are due to hit the shops on 21st September, but delays in production could mean that the iPhone 9 isn’t available to buy until October.

Posted on 05 September 2018