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Apple could have a lot in store for September

Come September, we will be seeing Apple hold one of the biggest events in technology: their annual product event. Reports from reliable Apple analysts have suggested that this year an unusually large number of products will be unveiled. These reports really are keeping Apple-lovers on the edge of their seats, teasing no less than three new phones (maybe even four), updates to the iPad, Macs and Apple Watch, and even the launch of previously unseen devices. Here’s a run-down of what might be in store.


A second generation iPhone X

A phone with the same 5.8 inch OLED display as the X but with additional enhancements has also been rumoured. – It is expected that these enhancements will follow the usual route: improved processing speeds, a wider range of colours, longer battery life and higher camera quality. In fact, there has been talk of one of the new phones having three rear cameras.


A larger iPhone X

For those to whom size matters, there might be a larger version of the iPhone X on the way, with a 6.5 inch OLED display.


A more affordable iPhone X

The arrival of the iPhone X in 2017 brought about the most expensive iPhone to date, at £999. Although it was the best-selling phone in the first three months of 2018, Apple could be making this phone more accessible for a wider market by releasing a cheaper version. This version is rumoured to have a 6.1 inch LCD display, and could possibly use a Full Active LCD display.


The SE2

It has been over a year since the SE was updated with larger storage options, so a new version of the SE is due. It has been predicted that this may be a slightly shrunken version of the iPhone 8, so will have Touch ID. There are rumours that it may have Face ID but in order for the phone to remain affordable this may not be possible – some are sceptical.


A new iPad

An iPad which boasts features originally seen in iPhones may make an appearance. It has been suggested that this iPad will do away with a home button and instead have a screen which goes all the way to the edges, with all navigation taking place via the touch-screen features. This iPad could be following in the footsteps of the iPhone X, with new Face ID technology, enabling the user to unlock the device simply by looking at it.


An updated Apple watch

Similarly, the new Apple watch is expected to have a larger screen, which will stretch right to the edges so that cases don’t have to get bigger.


An updated Mac

A new and cheaper Mac may be in the pipeline, which I’m sure is good news for many an Apple customer who has ummed and ahhed about the cost-benefits of Apple products in the past. Additionally, there could be a long-awaited upgrade for the Mac Mini.


The AirPower charging mat

This was first revealed at last year’s Apple event but has not been seen since then. The upcoming September event could see its return and perhaps several improvements to make it ready for release. It also may be demonstrated alongside devices which are compatible with it, such as new AirPods which can wireless charge on it.


Keep your eyes peeled for more news between now and September!

Posted on 02 August 2018