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A Warm Welcome to Harwoods Group

We are very excited to give a big warm welcome to Harwoods, who have recently become one of our valued clients. Harwoods are a trusted partner of Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, Jaguar and Land Rover, and so boast a wide range of models to suit everyone’s needs, whether adventurous and outdoors-orientated or partial to a more luxurious lifestyle.

Like us, Harwoods is a family-run business based in the south of England. As a well-established automotive retail group which was founded over 80 years ago, they are currently in a fantastic position and their business is ever growing. They have showrooms across the South of England, serving clients from across Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, Kent and beyond. Take a look at their "About Us" video from their YouTube channel here.

Harwoods has a long history: Guy Harwood’s father, Wally, started his career as an apprentice to
a wheelwright in a workshop. He founded Harwoods Group in 1931 and it had two garages before the start of the Second World War. During the war, the car business in the UK came to a halt as factories were needed to produce munitions. Once peace had been re-established, Harwood senior revamped his two garages and resumed operations. Guy dreamed of becoming a racehorse trainer and fulfilled this dream until the death of his father, when he took over the company and continued to run it successfully. Currently, Guy’s son Archie is the Director of Business.

Active Digital is supplying Harwoods with 80 iPads with personalised Harwoods cases, which include MDM iBM features, O2 membership and our apps. These apps work to boost employee wellbeing, productivity and the ability to monitor the company’s progress each day. This package is tailored specifically to Harwoods, and the company will receive ongoing support through Active Care, and a personal account manager to make sure that everything is operating smoothly and efficiently. The devices provided are also fitted with 4G SIMs, which means that they can get connectivity anywhere.

Harwoods has a reputation for very high standards. Its vision statement is “creating memorable experiences”; this is underpinned by the Harwood values, which Director Archie Harwood says are “to treasure our people and customers, to grow and improve, to grab responsibility, to run in the same direction as one team, and to inject some energy and fun into our work”. We hope that with the boost of our products and services, this reputation will continue to grow. 

We are delighted to start our relationship with Harwoods and look forward to what the future holds.




Posted on 24 October 2018