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The right Device for you Child

As adults, we can’t keep away from our phones, to leave home without it is like leaving without your right arm, we depend on them more than ever with it being reported that the average user picks up their device 85 times a day.

The security we feel when we have our mobile on us is especially important in today’s environment which is why more people are providing their children with mobile devices, with The Guardian reporting that on average parents give their child their initial handset at age 11, spending £125.

But with all the great things that come from having a smartphone, the instant access to information, the plethora of social media platforms allowing you to keep in touch with friends and family, a darker world can open up if you’re not careful.

So, choosing wisely when deciding on when and what device to give your child, or whether you give them one at all is vital and a choice that you should feel comfortable with.

It’s definitely a good idea to allow a child who is of an age to venture out of sight from time to time to have a mobile as it’s vital that they are able to contact home should they need, or for you to contact them.

If your child just wants to play games or watch videos on a personal device, but doesn't actually need cellular connectivity, the iPod touch is a good option as it’s essentially a phone-without-a-phone—it lets them do everything they want with a phone, without the monthly costs and is a great device for backseat entertainment, for instance.

Failing that you could look at low-cost, unlocked Android phones that don't require a SIM card. They can do everything a regular Android phone, just over Wi-Fi.

However, buying your child an expensive phone such as an iPhone 7 or Galaxy S8 is a sure-fire way to end up with an expensive but broken phone. It’s easy for a child to get distracted and leave the phone somewhere or end up cracking the screen or damaging the phone, nearly 25% of iPhones have a cracked screen so its easily done even when you’re being careful!

There are loads of cost-effective alternatives rather than supplying them with the latest handset, essentially, we want them to be able to contact home when they need to, so why not try a non-smart phone or ‘feature phone’ allowing them to do just that.

The re-launch of the Nokia 3310 is a great alternative for kids (and adults) that want to escape modern day technology and just use a phone like the good old days. It’s a cheap handset to buy with a good battery life, plus it still has the popular (and enhanced) game of snake!


But if you do decide to go for a more expensive device, make sure you invest in a good case. The Tough Case from Casemate, is a great option not just for kids but for adults too. (These can be purchased from our Active Store at )

It’s also always good to set some ground rules, such as having access their phone, limiting their usage, controlling any downloads and not being afraid of taking away their device if you feel the need. Remember the reasons you gave them a phone and stick with that and everyone’s a winner.

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Posted on 14 August 2017