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Customers have been warned that they face potentially fatal risks when using fake apple chargers. This is due to 99% of fake Apple chargers failing a basic safety test. When tested by Trading Standards, only 3 of the 400 counterfeit chargers tested had more
Founded on 29th November 1996, Active Digital has just celebrated its 20th birthday. We took the time to reflect on our digital journey over the last two decades, along with a big birthday cake. The cake, beautifully decorated with the Nokia 6310i and iPhone 7 more
Like the iPhone line, Apple stick to a similar release date for iPads. iPad releases happen towards the end of the year, with the announcement date a month before release. Due to Apple not announcing their annual iPad update, users have been left disappointed. This felt like a more
Drivers caught using a mobile phone in England, Scotland and Wales for the first time will automatically receive penalty points under new government plans. Previously, drivers in some areas could avoid points by taking a driver’s awareness course. But it is more
It’s hard to believe that the iPhone is almost a decade old and each year Apple work hard to unveil another, more exciting device.  On 16th September 2016, the iPhone 7 went on sale in 28 countries; the biggest launch of the phone yet. And Apple didn’t more
Only ten years ago Blackberry were the handset of choice for business executives, but now the company controls just 0.1% of the global smartphone market, so what went wrong? Over recent years the company has struggled to keep pace with modern handsets produced by more
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