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Cracked iPhone Screen? We've Got It Covered

It's one of the worst things that can happen to a smartphone owner: you drop the device and the screen cracks. In fact, 20 per cent have left damaged screens over six months before repairing.

If you own an iPhone, fixing your screen could get a lot easier, thanks to the remote technical, iOS accredited team at Active Digital. That’s because we are now able to offer a service where we can come to your office or your workplace for a fee, and replace your team’s cracked screens while you work. This is a great opportunity to get everyone’s iPhones back to good health all in one session.

We charge a half day or full day session charge and a small charge for every screen we replace. Easy. Plus, you don’t need to be an Active Digital existing customer to take advantage of our service, and it doesn’t matter which UK mobile network you are on.

Up to 7.5 million Brits have smartphones with cracked screens according to new research released from O2. Around 1,729 UK adults were surveyed with the stats being calculated based on the UK adult population being 48 million according to the Office of National Statistics and an assumed average smartphone cost of £500. Research shows that over 20 per cent have lived with damaged screen over six months and 3.3 million have injured themselves on their cracked phone screen.

Women are more likely to have dropped their phone (54 per cent) compared to men (47 percent) and 16-24 year old’s (29 per cent) compared to 45-54 years old (11 per cent). East England (39 per cent) reported less cracked screens compared to Londoners (61 per cent).

Children are a key cause of breakages with one in 10 gadgets broken by children (12 per cent) costing the UK £1.4 billion, followed by (five per cent) broken by friends.

Talk to the Experts

Active Digital are leaders in our field when it comes to managing the needs of medium to large mobile contracts. We understand the challenges businesses face when devices go wrong, are lost, stolen or damaged. Our aim is to reduce the pressure on IT departments but ensuring when it comes to devices, we have everything covered.

Our technical team can be hired for a half day or full day to come to your offices and help with device training and screen repairs for your team, while you wait.

So, if your business mobile contract is due for renewal soon, and you would like lifetime warranty and screen repairs to be built into your proposal, then we are the right company to partner with.

Contact us today and ask for a no obligation discovery meeting, where we can talk through how to reduce your mobile costs, whilst providing device efficiencies through training and our award-winning service wrap.

Call us on 01892 835522 or email



Posted on 02 October 2017