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Battery Draining Apps

We all struggle keeping our devices topped up with enough power to last us, mainly because we are on our phones more than ever. The vast array of apps and social media platforms that are on offer are often the cause of the ever-draining battery.  Tapping through your Facebook and Instagram stories is a sure-fire way to drain the life out of your battery.

However, there’s no one app that’s a known battery killer as it depends on how you use the applications. If you’re someone who leaves your phone in your desk drawer for most of the day, you’ll find you can get through the day without too many problems . If you’re listening to iTunes all day, your music app is a likely cause.

Luckily, there’s a way to find out which apps are draining your phone’s power.

To find out, go to your iPhone’s Settings, and scroll down to Battery. Tap that and you’ll see your battery usage, broken up by app, for the last 24 hours or the past 7 days. You’ll also see which apps are using up your battery life with background activity, meaning that even though you aren’t in the app, you didn’t swipe up to close it and it’s still draining your power.

If you want an even more telling indicator, tap the clock icon along the top right corner. This will tell you exactly how much time you’ve spent in each app, both active and on background.

However, if you can't manage to keep of your favourite app, then another way you can help reduce battery drain is by reducing the screen brightness and by turning on the low power mode within you battery settings (this will prohibit apps from refreshing in the background).

 You can also turn off background app refresh for individual apps by going to your Settings, tapping General, and turning off Background App Refresh.


Posted on 03 August 2017